Business English

The Business English skill you need – in just one month

European Exchange’s Business English courses are a new target-based way of teaching Business English. We work with you in advance to pinpoint the Business English skill you need, from a choice of six options: Communications, Giving a Presentation, Negotiation, Pitching, Socialisation or Chairing a Meeting. Then we perfect that one skill with you in courses of four two-hour classes, held once a week, over one month.

Our courses let participants get back to work quickly

European Exchange courses are held at your workplace. That means participants are straight back at work after each class, rather than taking hours off work. And because the four two-hour classes last for just one month, they can complete the course quickly.

They’re held in small, effective classes

Classes range from 1-to-1 to  a maximum of 10 participants. Advance needs analyses ensure trainees only study with people of the same proficiency.

Trainers are qualified and experienced, with business know-how

European Exchange uses the best trainers in Austria. They have business experience, have been working as trainers for a minimum of 5 years, and speak fluent German as well as their mother-tongue English. All are CELTA-trained (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and qualified Cambridge Examiners.

They offer testing, concrete results you can see, and a qualification

All the courses include a final test (on video where possible) so participants can demonstrate their skill. Trainees also receive a certificate to confirm they have attended the course.

They are cost-effective

Because we train at your workplace, we can reduce costs. Our trainers come to you free within Vienna. The venue needs to contain a whiteboard, flipchart, DVD player and audio player, and to be large enough to hold a maximum of 10 people.

All six course types cost the same and last four weeks. There are three different price bands, based on class size. Prices are net and for the course of four 2-hour classes, not per person:

1-to-1 training: €720 per course, per class

Class of 2 to 6 participants: €880 per course, per class

Class of 7 to 10 people: €960 per course, per class

If you are interested, mail Tim Martinz-Lywood at European Exchange on tim.lywood@european-exchange.co.uk with your contact details and requirements.