Why hands-on works

Contact European Exchange, and the first person you’ll speak to will be company founder and managing director, Tim Martinz-Lywood. Tim’s a translator, author and copywriter, born in London  and based in Vienna. He operates out of offices at the city centre.

Tim set up European Exchange in London in 1997, after completing his Master’s degree. The company specialises in translating German-language content from Austrian companies, government organisations and NGOs into flawless English. From a blog to a magazine article or a legal document, the English copy you get back will be uncluttered and businesslike, with a young feel that speaks to customers around the world.

When it comes to translation and copywriting, small is beautiful. Tim takes pride in his hands-on approach, translating all the German copy he receives personally, and building long-term relationships with clients throughout the German-speaking world, especially Austria. European Exchange expanded into proofreading and copywriting in 2005, and works with an expert pool of writers and editors, but has stayed small enough for you to retain control. European Exchange is personal and professional, and keeps up-to-date with the latest language developments.

European Exchange creates an English-language version of your German copy that will sell your product, service – and you. An English that reflects positively upon your organisation. If you’re a German-language company or organisation looking to build a professional, Vienna-based relationship with a top English language provider, you need European Exchange. Because great English is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.