German-English: € 1.50 per line*
English-German: € 1.65 per line

Minimum charge of € 25.00 for translations of less than 20 lines, in either language combination.

The first step here is to contact us for an immediate quote on your text. This is non-binding and free, of course. Want an example of what you can expect? Need to know the style is absolutely right? Not a problem. Send us a few paragraphs, and we’ll translate them and send them back within a couple of hours, free of charge, together with an estimated price and a deadline. If you’d prefer a fixed price, just say the word.

* Translation texts are calculated per line. (One line consists of 55 keystrokes, including empty spaces, DIN standard.) Please note a minimum charge of €25 net applies to translations of less than 20 lines. Volume discounts can be negotiated for texts of 1,000 lines or more. These prices are intended as guidelines; please contact European Exchange to discuss special rates.

Copywriting and Proofreading

Proofreading existing English copy: € 75.00 per hour
Writing new English copy:€ 75.00 per hour

European Exchange copywriting and proofreading services are provided in English only, and priced at a rate per hour rather than per line. Please just send us the brief for the new copy or the existing content you’d like proofread and cleaned up, and we’ll contact you to let you know how long it will take, discuss a fixed price for the entire project, and any discounts that may apply.

How long can I expect to wait before I see my translation or new content?

The time it takes to produce your new content will depend on a range of different factors, including the length of the text itself, and the nature of the piece (whether the subject matter is technical or general, any background research is necessary, etc.). You’ll be given a completion date along with your quote.

What will a translation or new English content cost me?

Translations are charged in euros per line of translated text. Prices start at € 1.50 net per line. One line consists of 55 keystrokes, including empty spaces, DIN standard. If you’d prefer a fixed price, please let us know.

Newly-written or proofread English content is charged at a rate of € 75.00 net per hour.

What is the billing method for your services?

Following the completion of your order (translation, copywriting or proof-reading), we will send you the invoice either by post or e-mail (whatever you prefer).

Our payment terms are 14 days after the invoice date and payments are to be made by bank transfer. Monthly accounts can also be arranged for ongoing orders.

Do your translators and writers specialize? Are they experienced in translating technical terminology?

Yes. Each different industry has its own specific vocabulary, which insiders learn over the years as it becomes part of their language use. All our translators and writers have individual areas of specialisation.